How To Spice Things Up In A Marriage

Intimacy is essential in every marriage. In fact, it is considered as one of the key ingredients to a successful marital union. People who are married need to do develop and nurture intimacy all throughout their relationship. Without romance and intimacy, couples have a high tendency of getting a divorce or growing apart from each other. This is why it is significant to focus on your romantic life if you want to keep your marriage healthy. Here are some of the tips on how to do it:




  1. Take Care Of Your Body. One of the most common errors or mistakes that women do is that they forget to make themselves a top priority once they get married. Make sure that you avoid joining this bandwagon. Just because you are happily in a relationship does not mean that you can simply let yourself go. Do not forget to go to salons or spas. Keep yourself presentable and charming for your partner.


  1. Give More Compliments. The secret is making your husband go after you is to make him feel confident about himself. Tell him how you appreciate his look or gesture. Whenever he does something good that you like, be sure to remind him how thankful you are for such a thing. Let him know what you are proud of having him as your partner. “A good marriage must have a rich climate of positivity,” says John Gottman, PhD, of The Gottman Institute




  1. Go On Dates. Being busy at work or other stuff can take a toll on your marriage. Having a too hectic schedule can make you lose connection with your husband. This is why it is imperative to find the right work-life balance. Keep in mind that you have certain responsibilities as a wife. Make an effort to go on dates with your beloved spouse. Choose a fancy restaurant and enjoy great food together. “Any time a couple does something together, it can be fun. But when it’s really exciting, that fun gets associated with the relationship,” Arthur Aron, PhD, a professor of psychology at Stony Brook University, explains.


  1. Touch Him More. Never forget the power of touch. Make your husband feel that you are so in love with him by constantly doing small touches. For example, you can hold his hands whenever you want to strike a conversation with him. At the same time, you can also stroke his arms while you are out on a date. Gentle touches can improve his mood all throughout the day.




  1. Be Connected All The Time. With the latest advancements in technology, it now becomes easier to get in touch with the people you love. A simple call or text message to your husband can already make him happy. You do not need to bombard him with tons of messages in a day. Just a simple reminder that you are thinking of him is already enough to set his mood right. “Each partner should feel comfortable speaking their thoughts and feelings to the other,” psychologist Alexandra B. Grundleger, PhD, advises.


Keep in mind that keeping the romance alive is not only your obligation in the marriage. Your husband also needs to invest his time and effort in strengthening your intimate relationship. Just follow all the tips above so that you can achieve a closer and more romantic partnership with your loved one. Most importantly, never let a day pass by without telling your partner how much you love him.