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Who are we?

April is a 35 year old wife and Mom to four teenagers. Born and raised in Nashville, TN, she has a degree in Cosmetology and is a licensed EMT-FR. She has been blogging for almost 2 years at Down South Savings where she focuses mainly on product reviews and giveaways. More recently, she started a new blog, Dash of Southern where she shares recipes and daily life from a small farm in middle Tennessee. When she’s not blogging, she enjoys spending time with her family and working/tending to her garden and animals.

Combined, she currently reaches close to 30,000 followers via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.



Niki Stutts is the “creative mind” behind the popular blog, “Adventures of a Midlife Mommy“, where she has been tirelessly blogging for well over a year now. {Yes, without a break, ever}

 Niki is a 38 year old, born and bred southern girl. She lives in Nashville, TN with her hubby of almost thirteen years, Mike and their three kids… Steven is 18, Kaylee is 15 and Micah is almost 3. Niki blogs about a little bit of everything, including… her everyday life stories, her favorite {healthified} southern recipes, {mis}adventures in gardening as well as  product reviews and fun giveaways too.
 In Her Own Words:
…My house is a place where we cuddle up and watch movies together as a family (and Yo Gabba Gabba 100 times a day), it’s a place where I’ve helped Steven with his homework (there was that one time I actually understood it, I swear), it’s where we gather together, in the fall and watch the Titans get creamed on Sundays {this is our year, I’m sure of it!}, it’s a place where my dear sweet husband and I have all those late night talks that all married couples do… about bills, groceries, kids growing up too fast, when the tags are due on the car, “what color panties are you wearing?”… You know, all the important things.  My husband and I love and respect each other deeply and expect our kids to do the same.  I am a typical Mom, I almost always have at least 2 loads of clothes that need to be washed, my living room floor is full of Legos and assorted super hero action figures scattered about just waiting to be stepped on, my hair is usually pulled back in a messy ponytail and my favorite attire is a pair of stretchy yoga pants and a baggy T-shirt. My life may not be for everyone, but I love my crazy little brood and I wouldn’t trade any of them for a million dollars… except for the little one when he’s poopy.



Mendy is the author of the blogs My Journey to Living Well and Playing For Sweeps, each portraying a different aspect of her character as a mom of three girls trying to live more naturally and the inner kid who loves to have fun. Another Tennessee girl, she has embraced the down home gardening, cooking, and general house-wifery persona while still maintaining a firm grip in the techie world.

An intense thirst for knowledge prompted her to pursue an associate’s degree in Paralegal studies, get a good start on a bachelor’s in information technology, and a certification as a travel agent with over ten years experience she lives by the motto “All knowledge is worth having”.

Mendy reaches a total of 20,000 readers combined.