Why Is School Counseling Good For Teens?

School counseling is one of the requirements for every school in the United States and even in different parts of the world. Every institution of learning is expected to have a guidance counselor who could address the issues and concerns of different children. Most often than not, the services of a school counselor are in demand when it comes to high school where most of the students are already in their teenage or adolescent years.


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There are many issues that high school students face such as addiction to alcohol and narcotics, teenage pregnancy, bullying in the campus and identity crisis. With the presence of these concerns, it is essential that there must be counselors that can make teenagers understand the implications of their acts. Below are some of the reasons why school counseling is suitable for teens:


Helps Deal With Personal Issues

A lot of adolescents are unaware of the proper ways or methods of handling their issues. “…getting to the root of the problem is the first step to getting resolution,” says Margarita Tartakovsky, MS. “And it’s hard to get to the root when we don’t talk about what we’re really thinking and feeling and struggling with and dreaming of.” This is why some of them start to act rebellious in the family or drop out of school. Most of the teens simply need to talk to someone about the problems in their lives. This is made possible and achievable with the availability of a counselor in school. The teenagers are more likely to open up to this individual than their parents.


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Provides Intervention

Some teens end up experiencing bad influence from the group of friends that they are a part of. When this happens, they could become difficult to handle. There are even those who would rather skip class and have fun instead of focusing on their studies. These individuals certainly need intervention as soon as possible. A school guidance counselor can make this happen. She can quickly call up the students in her office and subject them to intervention.


Gives Vocational Guidance

High school is also a time where students are unsure about the steps that they will take in the future. Most of them do not have an idea of what course to take or the career path to follow. “Becoming an adult is a process, and it starts at 13 or 14 for a lot of teens nowadays,” says John M. Grohol, Psy.D. With the assistance and guidance of a school counselor, these students can be given some practical exams or assessments to help them plan for their future. A counselor can even help the teens prepare for college exams or choose the right course for them.


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Take note that school is not only a place for academic learning for the students. It is also a place where they must develop self-confidence and respect for others. A good school is one that can provide your teen with an excellent education and improved mental health. Be sure to see to it that your child’s school has a counselor. Remember that the presence of the counselor plays an essential part in your teen’s high school life.


Another important thing for you to keep in mind is that the school guidance counselor is not primarily liable for helping your teen have a better and happier life. “Partnering with your child’s therapist and working together is the express route to helping your child,” says Sean Grover, LCSW. As a parent, you must see to it that your beloved child grows up to be a responsible member of society.