The Realizations In Handling Family Relationships

It is not every day that we come to realize our worth. Most of the time, we are too carried away with all the stress and anxiety from small to vast reasons. As a result, we end up negatively compromising, which somehow strains our mental and emotional health. But we need to stop doing that. We must learn to understand that there are specific ways we can consider to overcome life pressures, especially if it involves our relationship with our family.


Balance Relationship – They say that blood is thicker than water. It is a statement that signifies family relationships as something we cannot deny. Well, it is, since biologically, we share the same DNA. However, not all family members are deserving of our time, effort, and energy. There are family members that do not contribute to our emotional and mental development. These individuals only bring toxicity. Therefore, it is reasonable to shut them out in our lives. We should not let toxic individuals become our priority when all they bring us is negativity, stress, pressure, and judgment. Remember, any relationship works best if it’s balanced.

Trust And Honesty – Usually, our family can be quite a pain in the ass. Sometimes they feel so entitled to dictate everything about our life. They do that even if that invades our privacy and against our will. Sometimes, they also condemn us when we differ with their opinions. But regardless, we never have to explain ourselves to anyone. Our family should understand that we don’t need to do that. Our family should trust us with all their hearts. But of course, we need to reciprocate their trust with honesty. We should never lie to them because when we do, they won’t help us.


Free Time – When our family needs us and we keep telling them we are busy, we probably are. But that excuse can negatively progress over time until we become distant to them. Remember, no one is entirely busy, not unless they want to avoid someone. If our family relationship means so much to us, we must know when to have time for them. That way, we can spend a great bond with our loved ones. If in case we need to have some time alone with ourselves, we need to inform our family. We should not leave them confused about our decision in distancing ourselves for a while.

Strong Words – We often think that because they are family, it is okay to hurt them emotionally and physically. Maybe because we somehow know they will forgive us no matter what and eventually forgive what we did. But if we continuously make our loved ones cry, we are also making it hard for ourselves. We are not fair to those people who only wish us better. It is essential to realize that our words hurt more than our actions. Therefore, we need to be mindful in choosing and using certain words.

Silent Treatment – In most instances, silent treatment has become the most used tactic in getting rid of almost any family issues. It works best in avoiding an argument. It also serves as an excuse not to deal with the annoyance of people in the house. Sometimes, it reminds everyone to keep their boundaries. However, this strategy is not always necessary since it can cause a relationship gap between family members. The constant practice of silent-treatment usually ends in negative behavior such as disrespect. With that, we must understand when and how to use silent treatment whenever dealing with a family member.


Reputation – In a family relationship, everything is related to reputation. Everything we do always affects the people surrounding us. So when we choose to do well to others, our family benefits from our actions as we make them proud. But if we do bad things, they are the first ones to get hurt. They are the ones who get judged, and they are the ones who suffer the consequences of our inappropriate behavior. The next time we make decisions without considering the possible outcome, we need to at least think about how it can affect our family’s reputation.

Commitment – Of course, we know that we commit to our family. We are committed to protect them and always keep them safe and away from any harm. Thus, we need to always be there for them whenever they need us. But those are just minor responsibilities we need to accomplish. As members of the family, we are responsible for their emotional, physical, and mental growth. Thus, we need to care, love, and support them as much as we can.


Handling a family relationship is not easy, especially when things are not often going the way we are expecting it. But through the challenges we face in life, one thing is sure. Our family will be the ones who will be there for us no matter what.