Ways To Maintain Peace In Your Household

Silence is essential not just for writers but every parent out there. There are no noises to distract you; that’s why it’s effortless to remember every chore you need to do. You can also enjoy your favorite drink and think of other worthwhile activities you may do with the whole family without feeling hurried.

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Tips On House Childproofing That You Shouldn’t Miss

I love every furniture in our humble abode. Some of them were gifts from our wedding over a decade ago, while I picked the others with my husband the moment our dream house came to reality. They have sentimental values, in other words, so we try to preserve them in their natural state for as long as possible.

source: thespruce.com

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How To Handle A Child’s Tantrums Without Losing Your Temper


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There are three things I realized years after I had my first-born. First, every kid is so different even if they came from the same set of parents. Second, it’s hard to discipline them all the same way. Third, dealing with a tantrum doesn’t get easier despite having more children.

But speaking with other mamas in and out of our community gave me an idea that you can calm your kid without having a tantrum yourself. Find out how that can happen below. The crying part is still OK because you can then carry the baby and sway him or her in your arms. But once the child drops on the floor of a public place, e.g., mall or sidewalk, and just lies down there while shedding tears, sometimes you just want to weep beside them too. I know that feeling since I was tempted to do that many times.

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