How To Start A Garden With Kiddos


Gardening, as I stated in a previous post, is beneficial for your children. The activity allows them to learn responsibility and realize the value of plants to Mother Earth. It offers the kids an in-depth understanding of plant growth, which is far better than merely knowing it from pictures and science textbooks.

Although I always endorse it to a lot of mommas with little tykes, not all are willing to try it. While some don’t believe that their children are capable of helping out, others just have no clue where to begin.

Well, about the former issue, you need to trust your babies more from the get-go. Even toddlers can do it with you, especially if they love being under the sun. According to Nimali Fernando, MD, MPH and co-author, “One study showed that children who participated in gardening projects scored higher in science achievement than those who did not.” In case the problem is the latter, on the other hand, check out the steps below on how to start a garden with kiddos.


  1. Decide On What Kind Of Greenery You’ll Make

The initial phase is to plan together with the garden that you will have. A pot of herbs is perfect when your home is in a city, and there’s not much space for growing plants. If you’re in a large property, you may have flowering and vegetable types of gardens.


  1. Teach Kids What To Do With Tools During And After Planting

Since they’ll assist you entirely, they should know that gardening folks don’t only utilize their bare hands. There are tools such as a trowel, watering can, rake, etc. to create a beautiful plot, and you may obtain child-friendly versions of them. Inform the kiddos how to use each one, as well as the proper way of washing and disposing of the items.


  1. Get The Seeds

Once it’s time to buy the seeds, it’s better to print out a list of plants that can quickly grow in that season. You can’t produce strawberry during the summer, for instance, because the fruit is more suitable for the wintertime. Feel free to show the options to your children, and then purchase the ones they like.


  1. Prepare The Soil Beforehand By Yourself

The fourth step on how to start a garden with kiddos is to get your earth patch ready before the planting day. It may be extra to expect children below ten years old to help you loosen up the ground or remove any debris that may hinder a plant’s growth. “Tilling the soil in a garden helps spread around nutrients and reenergizes the soil.” Sandra Wartski, PsyD says.


  1. Show Them The Basics Of Gardening

On the actual date, let them watch you place a seed or transfer a seedling in the soil or a pot, respectively. Do it slowly and answer all the questions they may have. You want to keep the kids interested in gardening by talking them through the procedure.


  1. Supervise And Throw Compliments In The Air

Give a set of seeds and tools to everyone, considering they now have an idea of what they should do. Ensure that they’re doing things correctly; however, try not to boss them around. It may also boost their spirits if you praise their work and efforts.


  1. Tell Children How To Care For The Plants Post-Gardening

After planting, you can demonstrate after-care techniques in the garden. That includes watering the patches, pulling out weeds, and making sure the seeds are growing well. In case you have a vegetable garden, you may show them too how to harvest the products without killing the plants. Seth J. Gillihan Ph.D. reminds that “No matter how carefully you plan and execute your garden, there are countless factors you can’t predict—invasions by bugs, inclement weather, hungry rodents.”