How To Make Time For Your Husband When You Have Kids

If you’re a typical momma like me, you surely have your schedule full all the time, whether you have a job or not. Having school-aged kids means you need to get up early to prepare them and devote your time afterward to helping them with their homework and future quizzes. When you have a toddler, it entails that there are more tasks to do since they still can’t do things on their own. Besides, the dishes, dirty clothes, and the rest of the house won’t clean themselves without you.



Despite how busy you are on a daily basis, though, don’t forget that your husband requires some loving too. For sure, you may not hear him complaining much since your focus is on the beautiful children you made together. However, it’ll still mean a lot to the spouse if you can give him undivided attention for at least an hour or so regularly. That may keep you from falling apart and avoid going through a divorce, which isn’t far from reality for couples who have no time for each other.

This separation greatly affects the children, according to Donald T. Saposnek, Ph.D. and co-author. In their paper they express, “It was always presumed that dysfunctional marital relationships caused dysfunctional behavior patterns in children. Children with behavioral or emotional problems were viewed as innocent victims of a “bad” parent or of a “bad” relationship between the parents.”

In case you wish to know how to keep the love alive between you two, regardless of how many kids you have to take care of, check out my tips below.


Accept Babysitting Help

The first step towards your goal, in my opinion, is getting a babysitter. That person can be a relative who has an open schedule or a family friend that your kids know. What he or she can do is allow you to have alone time with your better half and not feel guilty about it.


Speak To One Another Often

Talking without children in the background is essential. Apart from being able to listen to each other’s words clearly, it is also a great way of spending quality time together. You may do it before they wake up or after they fall asleep.


Have Date Nights

Even before marriage, experts have pinpointed ways on identifying telltales of relationships that identify which ones last or not. According to Harold J. Markman, Ph.D., “the amount of fun partners have together is a key factor in predicting their overall marital happiness.”

Make a habit of preparing date nights once or twice a week. In this instance, you can momentarily forget that you are both parents now and relive the days when you were still dating.


Go On A Weekend Trip Together




It isn’t highly necessary, but your marriage life can benefit too from going on an adventure as a couple. Don’t feel like you’re a mean mommy for leaving the kids to their grandparents for two days. In truth, it’ll help them develop self-reliance.

According to Dr. Shivani Misri Sadhoo, Ph.D., “sharing or discussing traveling experiences with your better half can make your relationship even stronger. Whether you are enjoying a romantic meal in a restaurant, or you are stumbling around in a place with a completely different culture, working in tandem through the burdens and blissful mishaps of traveling can help to boost your bond with your partner. Traveling not only teaches you a lot about yourself but it can also teach you a lot about your significant other.”


Spice Up Your Sex Life

Though you already have children, it doesn’t mean you can’t be exploratory with sex anymore. Being daring can honestly jazz up your relationship; that’s why you should try different positions – and locations – whenever the kiddos are out.


Redefine Intimacy

Considering you can’t have sex due to a health condition, you can still be intimate with each other by having skin contact. It pays off well to watch TV beside one another or cuddle in bed. You may look into various things to stay as close as ever too.


Work Out Misunderstandings Immediately




You wouldn’t want to make time for your husband if you had a little argument earlier in the day. Then when the cause is, try to not sleep without ironing out the issue so that your love will stay strong, and you can do more as a unit.