How To Encourage Your Partner To Eat Healthier


Being in a relationship means that you have to care for your partner more than anything or anyone else in this world. It is important that you make your husband feel that he is the most special person in your life. Learn how to express your love by encouraging him to eat healthier. Take note that the issue of obesity is a serious one and it needs immediate attention. Try to motivate your spouse to start living a healthier lifestyle so that he could become stronger in keeping and supporting the family.


Here are some of the tips and tricks that you can do to make this happen:


Prepare Home-Cooked Meals

No matter how busy you are at work or at being a mom for the kids, be sure to remember that it is essential for the entire family to enjoy home-cooked meals. “Surprise generosity is a huge intimacy booster,” says Julie K. Jones, Ph.D. It is time to say goodbye to fast food items. Do not make it a habit to spend the weekends on restaurants or food establishments. As an alternative, cook a healthy dish for your husband and children. Introducing healthy food at home can be challenging, which is why you must also focus on food presentation.


Set An Example

Remember that you cannot expect the other person to change his lifestyle automatically. “We have to remember no one is perfect and everyone has faults. It is great to set goals in your relationship but let’s make sure these are realistic goals,” says Michael Bouciquot, MS. You have to set an example to your husband so that he will become more inspired to follow what you have started. You can never ask him to eat healthy dishes if you are not doing it. According to research, people have a high tendency to be influenced by the individuals whom they love or respect. Because of this, it is only typical that your partner would want to do the same thing that you enjoy doing. As such, make it a habit of leading by example.

Be Active Together

Nutrition is vital to obtaining a healthy lifestyle. Nonetheless, this is not the only key ingredient to achieving a healthier body. Exercise is also significant for effective weight loss. “Participating in physical activities is one of the best ways to reduce stress,” says Margarita Tartakovsky, MS. Therefore, you must also find ways on how to encourage your partner to become physically active. Find the time where both of you could go to the gym, enroll in exercise classes or run together. Aside from achieving your goals, you could also enjoy more bonding moments with your spouse. When this happens, the marital union starts to become stronger.


Fill The Pantry With Healthy Snacks

The next time you will go to the grocery store, remember to skip the lanes for chocolates, candies and canned goods. Instead, proceed to the whole grain section where all the best products are available. Self-discipline starts at home, that is why you must see to it that your house is full of healthy snacks for everyone. Doing this will benefit not only your partner but also your kids. You would be able to teach them the significance of filling their tummies with healthier options. Starting today, try to create a grocery list wherein you replace unhealthy foods with healthy ones.


Motivating a partner to stick to a strict diet plan is not going to be easy. However, with the right amount of dedication and determination to help the other person, it can be achievable.