7 Hair Hacks Every Practical Mother Should Know About

When parents are asked before getting an ultrasound about what gender they wish their baby has, many people hope that their first baby is a girl. In the fathers’ minds, it means having a little princess at home to cherish. For the mothers, it gives them a cute little thing to put on different dresses. Nevertheless, when they get what they wish for, the typical source of stress for the entire family that makes them want to see a therapist sometimes (true story) is the hair.

You see, some kids are born with super fine hair that looks perfect even when you only place a little bow or headband on it. Other girls, however, come with a shock of hair that is a struggle to style, comb, or wash. The dads do not usually have to deal with such an issue, but most mothers do. So, here are seven hair hacks for every practical mom out there.

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Sanitize The Hairbrush

The first thing to do before your morning starts is to make sure that you have a clean hairbrush. Meaning to say, there are no strands or grime stuck in between the bristles that can get in the way or ruin the newly washed hair of your daughter while brushing their hair. If you find any, you can easily remove the fallen hair with toothpicks or Q-tips and wash it thoroughly with soap and warm water so that the grime sticking to it can go down the drain.

Get A Shirt Instead Of A Towel To Dry The Hair

When drying off the hair after a shower, it is better to use a shirt than a towel. The reason is that the latter has more defined threads than the former; that’s why it can have harsher effects on the hair. Hence, you should utilize a shirt or any fabric that’s similar to it when squeezing excess water out of your locks.

Apply Coconut Oil As A Hair Mask

Coconut oil is such a good natural product, in the sense that you and your child can both use it as a hair mask. This substance can moisturize your mane and protect it from damages. It can also soften your daughter’s thick mane, which may be prone to tangles all the time. Feel free to apply the oil before shampooing and leave it on for 20 minutes for best results.

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Snip Damaged Ends At Home

Seeing damaged ends is inevitable, primarily if you are always under the sun. Little girls tend to deal with this hair problem as well since they tend to play a lot outdoors during the daytime. To make sure that the damage will not move up the affected strands, though, you can snip them off on your own. Just twist chunks of the hair vertically so that it will be easier for you to see the ones with the split ends.

Make Hairbands Out Of Old Stockings

Since stockings are semi-elastic, they are safer to use than the typical hairbands that generate much friction to the hair. All you need to do is cut an old pair in bits to produce many hair ties. You can use them on your kids, too, and no one will be able to tell the difference.

Use Wet Wipes To Tame Hair

It cannot be helped if there are pieces of hair sticking out of your daughter’s head. That is especially true if she is still quite young and has baby hairs in place. In case that bothers you when you are trying to braid her locks or put it in a tight bun for ballet practice, you may place a wet wipe over the hairbrush and run through the hair. It allows you to tame the unruly strands as you work.

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Add Hairspray Indirectly

Considering you are not a fan of hairspray but your daughter’s hair needs to be extremely neat for her dance recital, you should know that you do not have to spray it directly all over her head. Such a process entails that a lot of products will touch her hair, which can damage it later. What you can do instead is spritz the hairspray on the hairpins that you will use. For the rest of the hair, you may spray it on a toothbrush or makeup brush and smooth it over the strands. This way, the harsh chemicals will not touch her scalp.

Final Thoughts

Fixing your daughter’s hair is one of your duties as a parent. It may not always be easy – sometimes you may wish of chopping everything and turning it into a short bob to solve your dilemma – but I know that you know how cute little girls are with their long locks. So, try to follow the hacks mentioned above instead in hopes of easing your issues every morning.